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High Pressure Hot Water Boilers

Perhaps there is not much to write about high pressure hot water heating boilers since they are very similar to low pressure hot water heating boilers in almost every way except for the boiler's operating pressure. High pressure hot water heating boilers are not commonly used except in cases where head pressure or water flow are of the utmost concern.

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As of 2012, Johnson Heating and Cooling has a 2B Boiler Makers License, issued by the State of Michigan, which authorizes Johnson Heating and Cooling, LLC to build any size of low pressure hot water heating boiler. As noted, we have been trained by the best boiler makers in the State of Michigan and because the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, commonly known as ASME is responsible for making much of the code and regulation that the State of Michigan uses for commercial and industrial boilers, safety devices and pressure vessels, it is worth noting that Johnson Heating and Cooling, LLC has it's own State of Michigan licensed professional engineer on staff, who holds a mechanical engineering degree from the University of Michigan. Give us a call!

If you live in the State of Michigan and need boiler repair, boiler installation, boiler service, or just a good boiler repair company, give us a call. We have two decades of experience working on boilers and hydronic heating systems, our rates are competitive, and we always treat our customers the way that we would like our families to be treated if they were in your shoes. If you would like to learn more about some of the work that we have done, and look into some of our references that are local to you, just navigate to our contact page and click on the link to your township or city. We have listed a few references from several areas in Macomb and Oakland Counties that are organized under their respective township/city and area codes.