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High Pressure Steam Boilers

There are few high pressure steam boilers in the State of Michigan and even fewer high pressure steam heating boilers in the State of Michigan. Typically, high pressure steam boilers are only used for process heat, or for producing steam to be used for treating chemicals. The owner of Johnson Heating and Cooling, LLC, is experienced in both servicing and installing high pressure steam boiler systems. One notable project involved David working with his father, chemical engineers, and mechanical engineers to engineer, design, and install a high pressure steam boiler system which is used to manufacture air bag propellant, a substance about ten times more explosive than gun powder. The system is operated by remote control from an out-building, due to safety concerns. Equipment and material selection was of the utmost importance due to the reactivity of the chemicals being used in the process. When it comes to high stakes boiler work, we have been there, done that, and have produced fantastic results for our customers.

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As of 2012, the boiler maker's license, issued to David Johnson, by the State of Michigan is not classified for the installation of high pressure steam boilers, however, we do occasionally perform work which is outside the classification of our licensing by hiring a supervising employee who has the legal authority to perform the work, and of coarse, they are always a close relative. Johnson Heating and Cooling, LLC will never perform boiler work if we are not legally authorized to do so by the State of Michigan. Because we are always moving forward as a company, and as individuals, we do intend to upgrade our licensing as soon as possible, but our current licensing does not limit us as a company because we are able to bring to bear the resources necessary to meet the needs of our customers in nearly every situation.

Unlike high pressure steam process boilers, high pressure steam heating boilers are usually not economical. There probably have not even been more than a dozen high pressure steam heating boilers installed in the State of Michigan since 1970. There are some places where high pressure steam heating boilers may still be in operation. Detroit, for instance is said to have tunnels which have high pressure steam lines in them, that are used for heating. The problem with using high pressure steam heating boilers is exemplified by simply explaining what the City of Detroit boiler workers and pipe fitters had to do for safety reasons. When travelling through the tunnels that housed the high pressure steam lines the boiler workers and pipe fitters used to have wands that they would waive before them as they traveled through the tunnels. If the wand was cut in half, then they knew that there was a steam leak in the high pressure steam lines. High pressure steam heating boiler systems are extremely dangerous and a man can be cut to the bone by a small leak that propels steam outward. Because of safety and economic pressures, high pressure steam heating boiler systems are rarely used. Johnson Heating and Cooling has yet to install one high pressure steam heating boiler, but we have installed high pressure steam process boilers.

If you live in the State of Michigan and need boiler repair, boiler installation, boiler service, or just a good boiler repair company, give us a call. We have two decades of experience working on boilers and hydronic heating systems, our rates are competitive, and we always treat our customers the way that we would like our families to be treated if they were in your shoes. If you would like to learn more about some of the work that we have done, and look into some of our references that are local to you, just navigate to our contact page and click on the link to your township or city. We have listed a few references from several areas in Macomb and Oakland Counties that are organized under their respective township/city and area codes.