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What type of split system is right for me?

Determining the type of split system that is right for you requires understanding what is important to you and what you want your split system to do. If installation costs are more of a consideration for you than the return on investment that you will realize, then you may wish to install a less efficient system that costs less to install. If you wish to have a back up heating system in case that old boiler system fails on Sunday morning church service at your church, then you may wish to have a heat pump system installed instead of a cooling-only system.

Unless there is absolutely no need for installing a system that is capable of heating (i.e. in a server room that will not be moved), most of our customers chose to install heat pumps because the cost difference between a heat pump system and a cooling-only system is usually only around 5%. Also, heat pump systems tend to save our customers money by reducing energy costs. You probably already have some idea of what you would like, and that is why you have found this page on our website, however, we would be happy to talk and / or meet with you in person and discuss the options available to you, and give you our recommendations. Our advice is free, and we offer free of charge, no obligation estimates.