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City of FraserBuilding Automation

While not really a recent project, we feel that this small project is worth mentioning. In 2006 David Johnson Jr. (the owner of Johnson Heaitng and Cooling, LLC designed, engineered, programed and installed a Building Automation system at the City of Fraser public library.

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Many problems need a building automation system to notice! The City of Fraser public library is a perfect example of a customer that has benifitted from the installation of a well programed and state of the art building automation system. Because an old air handler with indepenantly zoned heating and cooilng circuits was very old and enefficeint, the City of Fraser put out a bid to replace the one heating and cooling unit with five independant roof-top units and a building automation system to control the five units. Once the new wall modules and controllers where installed David Johnson noticed that two of the wall modules where reading extreamely cold temperatures in the winter. After removing the wall modules from the wall and investigating the issue, David found that the hollow wall was producing a cold draft that was causing the wall modules near the hollow wall ot be about 10 degrees colder than the temperatures should have actually been. Because the old system utalized a central air return, and all of the supply ducting began at one location, the layout of the new equipment on the roof was in close proximity to the location of where the old unit had been. Much of the original ductwork was utalized, and each of the five new units utalized a central air return. The air from the differnt zones still mixed