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What Sets Us Apart From the Competition

Building Automation System Romeo Michigan

The main thing that sets us apart from our competition is that we are just darn good at our profession. We've been doing it for many years, and we have always held ourselves to a high standard. We never stop learning and trying to make ourselves better.

"My father always said that a company is only as good as the employees who work for it. We only employ the best at Johnson Heating and Cooling" David Johnson Jr. (Owner).

State of Michigan CSD1 Report

We went digital years ago. While almost all mechanical contractors still use paper for everything, we spent the time and money to develop electronic forms and systems that save our customers' money. For example, we developed our own electronic CSD-1 forms that allow us to get right to the testing and maintenance, instead of having to hand write several pages per boiler every year. We take and print pictures, as part of our report, and have them saved electronically from year to year on our servers. Having these forms helps to save our customers' money.

Inspectors are satisfied with our pictures and our good judgment about the boilers' condition because of the quality of our work. Often we are able to save our customers even more money by avoiding boiler tear-downs with the inspector present, because our reports are so thorough and well documented, and we are known for being competent.

Wouldn't it be nice to get an electronic copy of the work order sent to your e-mail address just minutes after the work has been completed? Because we use electronic paperwork for most of our customers, while also having the speedy ability to print a paper copy while still on-site, we can stay more organized, keep our customers better informed about the services that they have paid for, and provide for very flexible working relationships were property owners and property managers can easily understand what has been done with out consuming much of their valuable time. Because the men and women at Johnson Heating and Cooling type faster then they can write with a pen and paper, and because our electronic paperwork reduces the work load on our billing department, it's a win-win situation for both the customer and for us. Not being able to read the hand writing of the service man is not something that our customers need worry about. It's not just our electronic forms that makes us different, it's the way that we do business.

Featured Work

Building Automation System Clawson Michigan

In 2010 we were the first company, world-wide, to integrate Burnham boilers (Alpine Series) , into a building automation system via the boilers' network interface connection. The boilers heat a 17 story building near Detroit. We tied each boilers' Sage 2 controller into a network, by using it's Modbus link. We are probably still the only company to have Interfaced those boilers into the BAS the way that we did. We worked directly with Burnham, and used the registry (for the Sage 2 controller), written by Honeywell . We programmed our server to translate the raw data to useful information, and then we structured the server to operate as a web server with an interactive, real time web page of the boiler systems. David Johnson Jr. uses his smart phone (Android) to manage all of the systems. obviously, the system saves money, but the cool thing about the system, that we built, is the level of detail that we have on each boiler. For example, we can see the exact RPM of the fan, and how many volts the flame signal is, all from across town, or across the world via a computer or cell phone. Read More

Services and Products Overview

"We wash windows and shine shoes" David Johnson Sr. We are good at many things mechanical, but we are not too proud to crawl on the ground, if need be. We want your business, and will work to the best of our ability for every customer. If it has to do with producing, or transferring heat, then it is a very safe bet that we've already done what you need to have done. We do work for businesses, home owners, other mechanical contractors, engineering companies & architects, schools, governments, churches and non-profits, among others.

We Service All Brands of equipment!

We service all brands of equipment and we offer a wide range of products to our customers, but we always try to steer our customers towards the products that are the best value, and of the highest quality. When we purchase materials and products (that ultimately get sold to our customers), we make a point to buy products made in the USA, Europe, or Japan. We don't just buy American because we are patriotic, we buy American because we don't want to sell poor quality products to our customers, and because we have very little warranty work with high quality products. Below are just some of the product lines that we offer.

Case Studies / References

If you are interested in reviewing some of our work, please navigate to the Contacts Page of this site and click on the township or city nearest you. Obviously, we do not list every customer that we have done work for in that township or city, but there are quite a few listed in many areas.

Case Studies

Several case studies may be found on this website. We encourage you to look around.