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Did you Know?

Did you know that since1965 the owners / operators of commercial and industrial boilers have had a legal responsibility to assure the continued safe operation of their boilers, and that effective November 6, 2006, new requirements concerning the installation, repair, inspection, and testing of boilers went into effect? Many boiler owners / operators received this letter, from the Governor, in 2006. Rule 27 of the R 408.4027 Adoption; ASME Code CSD-1 is a good reference point, regarding those responsibilities. Boilers need annual attention, and can be costly and dangerous if not maintained. Working on boilers is very exciting and rewarding because turning a screwdriver a quarter turn on a gas regulator can save some customers over $500 per year. Major manufacturers of air conditioning equipment generally design condensers and chiller heat exchangers to operate at a maximum "thermal resistance" or "fouling factor" of 0.0005. As a result, only 0.036 inches (about 1/32") of sediment build-up can correspond to an increase in energy costs of up to 30%!

Cooling Water and BoilerChemical Treatment Macomb County Michigan

With over a decade of experience in water chemical treatment, the team at Johnson Heating and Cooling is ready, willing, and capable of saving you money on your chemical treatment program. Providing water treatment with chemicals is an industry and profession in and of itself. There are three reasons why water chemical treatment programs are used, and the first reason is safety. Untreated cooling water systems can be teaming with bacteria, like an untreated fish aquarium. Typically, a storage tank loaded with bacteria doesn't pose a serious health risk in and of itself, but when the water is shot into the air, as is done with an evaporative cooler, a.k.a. swamp cooler, the bacteria can become airborne, and at that point may be deadly. Legionnaires' disease is the main safety concern regarding swamp coolers. Read More

Boilers need to be brushed! the Second Law of thermodynamics states that mater in a closed system without any outside influence, goes from order to disorder. Because mechanical systems and boilers are definitely subject to the laws of thermodynamics (pun intended), if not maintained, they will eventually cease to function and will cease to function well sooner. Just like scale is an insulator on the inside of the heat exchanger, carbon is an insulator on the outside of the heat exchanger. Carbon is often removed by brushing the carbon off of the heat exchanger.

At Johnson Heating and Cooling, we have a "code" of not doing work that doesn't benefit our customers, so we don't always brush a boiler's heat exchanger, but we do if the customer will benefit from our work. Determining the energy savings due to brushing a boiler requires an experienced technician to make an assessment about the boiler's current condition and state, and that is where we come into the picture.


HVAC and Boiler service Oakland County Michigan

Technology, know-how, and hard work is bringing Johnson Heating and Cooling to new heights.

This picture was taken of Nick Costa on the roof of a 17 story building near Detroit, Michigan. David and Nick finished doing the annual inspections, tests, reports, and maintenance on the seven heating and three domestic hot water boilers at this building. The mechanical room has miles of wire all integrated with a server that was, engineered, wired, programmed, and installed by Johnson Heating and Cooling, L.L.C. several years ago. The combination of new boilers, frequency drives and an extremely sophisticated direct digital control system resulted in an energy consumption reduction to 60% of what was previously used.

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Safety is very important to the people at Johnson Heating and Cooling. Most of our work is done for medical facilities, churches, Industrial buildings, and schools. We care about our customers and those who are inside their facilities. We understand that the safety of the occupants inside the structures that we service is in our care when we work on the HVAC systems at their location, and that is a responsibility that we take very seriously. We have seen people hurt because of work done by others, and we will always strive to perform our jobs to the best of our ability, and always bring our "A game" to work, everyday.

The HVAC industry requires great care and respect for safety. Every day the people at Johnson Heating and Cooling deal with potentially harmful substances, environments, and equipment. Forgetting to replace a manifold test port on a boiler (as should be removed once a year as part of the State of Michigan required CSD-1 boiler inspection, reports, and testing), could cause a major explosion. Improperly venting a gas fired appliance could cause the building occupants to be poisoned by Carbon monoxide. Some of the chemicals and materials used on a day to day basis are deadly and each technician that we employ is taught to not only be an excellent HVAC man, but also to ALWAYS put safety first.

Industrial Pipe Fitting Shelby Township Michigan

No job is too big or complicated for Johnson Heating and Cooling. Certainly every company has it's limitations, but at Johnson Heating and Cooling, our limitations are very few. We have a great deal of experience with extremely large and difficult projects. We have worked on projects that have taken years to complete, and we have even worked hand in hand with engineers to develope a new manufacturing technique that utilizes a high pressure steam boiler and piping system to develope a new ground-breaking method of manufacturing air bag propellant (a substance about ten times more explosive than gun powder). David Johnson and his father, together with several engineers designed and installed the high pressure steam boiler and piping system, while the concept of the system was thought up by a chemical engineer. Unfortunately, we can not provide much more information about that job due to confidentiality concerns.

Special support

Building Automation We appreciate our customers, and that is why we offer free online support to those customers who have hired us to install building automation systems. Some restrictions apply, but generally, if a customer needs us to do something for them concerning a system that we have installed (regardless of when it was installed), our policy is to address the issue, usually within a minute or two, and do so free of charge.

24 Hour Emergency Service We care about our customers, and that is why we offer 24 hour emergency service. We are very responsive, and always have someone on call. We want our customers to do well in life, and do not want them to worry about their HVAC systems. We are always considerate of our customers' needs, and treat them as we would want to be treated.

Did you know that JHC uses sophisticated server systems to store and easily access customer information?

If you are like me, you probably like using technology, while at the same time dislike using it. I carry a cellular phone, but I wish that I did not have to carry a cellular phone. Today, nearly every piece of HVAC equipment that is sold uses transistor based technology. Thirty-five years ago, transistor based technology did not exist. The point is that using technology is profitable, and that is why JHC saves important information about our customers' HVAC equipment in easily retrievable and very secure servers. Google and Yahoo may have a monopoly on getting pretty much any information about almost anything from anywhere, but JHC has a monopoly on accessing relevant information about our customer's equipment, systems, and paperwork from anywhere. Our utilization of technology and our ingenuity save our customers money.