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Romeo Parks & RecreationBuilding Automation

In 2013 Johnson Heating and Cooling L.L.C. was contracted by Johnson Thermol Temp, Inc. to engineer, program, and install a building automation system for Romeo Washington Bruce (RWB) Parks and Recreation, and do so on their behalf. Johnson Heating and Cooling, LLC and Johnson Engineering, Inc. frequently work with other mechanical contractors.

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The Romeo Parks and Recreation building, Like many public structures suffered from what we call "user error". Because different activities at the building where done until late in the evening and after much of the staff had left for the day, often thermostats would be left on all night. It is very wasteful to leave equipment on while a structure is not occupied and the new building automation system alleviated this problem by making provision for temporary overrides that would expire after a certain amount of time. All an occupant need do is change the set point on the wall module in the room and the override would become active. If the director of the facility desires, this function can be disabled by simply unclicking a check box on any computer's web browser or threw the touch screen interface mounted on the wall in the main office.

The new building automation system provides much more than just scheduling and easy centralized control of the remote HVAC equipment, it also provides for equipment failure alarming directly to the servicing contractor within minutes of equipment failure. With most buildings, even in the middle of winter it takes hours before the building can become uncomfortable when equipment fails. Because of alarming built in to the code in the building automation system, the occupants may never notice most equipment failures until they are repaired, and / or the occupants are notified of the issue. Often, heating, ventalation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment failures do not cause the space temperature to become uncomfortable, but cause the equipment to operate inefficiently. Because of special custom made alarms and our free monitoring with any building automation system (some restrictions apply), our customer's HVAC equipment runs much more efficiently than it would otherwise.

With the system installed at Romeo Parks and Recreation (formally called Romeo Washington Bruce or RWB Parks and recreation), accessing the controls for the heating and cooling systems in the building have never been easier. The building automation system is set up to be used by a variety of devices including smart phones, iPads, PC's, MAC's, and even the touch screen interface that is mounted on the wall in the office. Service men can log into the system from across town, or even across the country to verify that a alarm is actually due to equipment failure. The security on the system is the best available. With Honeywell as the server manufacturer, our customers can rest assured that their building automation system is secure from hackers. Another excellent feature with the building automation system that we installed is the fact that we used an over-sized server that is capable of incorporating all building functions and not just the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. Sure the larger server cost Johnson Heating and Cooling an extra $1,500.00 than the "bare minimum" would have, but we look out for our customers. We designed the building automation system to incorporate lighting, bathroom fans, and other features in the future.

Did we mention that all on-line support and system alarming are free? We don't charge annual fees for monitoring the equipment that our customers have, or for doing software updates. Our lifes are easier when

Johnson Heating and Cooling, LLC and Johnson Engineering, Inc. has quite a bit of history providing our services to our competitors. We have worked for companies like Johnson Controls and Randazzo Mechanical. Our relationship with all of our customers is the same, and that is to govern our practices with good ethics. We always try to do what is in the best interest of those we work for, whether they be building owners, public stewards, or even our competition. We are greatful for all of our patrons and we always try to provide them with our very best at competative pricing.

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