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At Johnson Heating and Cooling, we have a proud history of being on the cutting edge of the latest technologies in our industry. We value knowledge and are constantly seeking to better ourselves as individuals and as a whole. Because of our attitudes, ethics, and most importantly the opportunity and grace given to us by God, we are fantastic at installing some of the best HVAC and Boiler systems in the world, and doing so with an excellent attitude and high quality work ethic. Most of our business is done in the commercial and industrial markets, and we are definitely capable, willing, and highly skilled at providing our services to the commercial market, and doing so at very competitive costs to the customer.

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David Johnson Jr., the owner of Johnson Heating and Cooling, LLC, was brought up working on commercial air conditioning systems. David's experience dates back to as early as 1992, when he was only twelve years old. David's father, David Johnson Sr. taught David well. He taught David that if he wanted a material possession that he would have to buy it himself, however, David's father did provide David with a means to make money working in the HVAC industry. Because David's father raised him the way that he did, David developed not only a good work ethic, but also gained much experience in the commercial air conditioning industry at a very young age. In 1996 David received his first HVAC license (ACCA certification for buying, handling, selling, recovering, and transporting CFC based refrigerants) at the age of 16 years old, and began to work by himself on jobs.

Commercial Air conditioning systems utilize exactly the same technology as most residential and industrial air conditioning systems. Simplicity coupled with efficiency make for a very desirable combination to the purchaser, and that is what most HVAC equipment manufactures try to provide in their commercial products. Johnson Heating and Cooling, LLC always tries to provide it's customers with simplistic, yet efficient systems, because simplistic equipment usually means that there are less components that can fail. At Johnson Heating and Cooling, LLC, we make a point to always provide the best equipment, materials, and installation to our customers. We don't believe in selling low quality equipment or materials because of ethical considerations, but also because it is bad business to sell second-rate equipment and materials.

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The men at Johnson Heating and Cooling have installed hundreds of commercial air conditioning and heating systems, and have left their jobs with satisfied and happy customers. When Johnson Heating and Cooling is called for service, our customers can count on us to be honest, fair, and skilled in our assessments and repairs. We always make our recommendations based on what is in the best interest of our customers.

If you would like to learn more about some of the work that we have done, and look into some of our references that are local to you, just navigate to our contact page and click on the link to your township or city. We have listed a few references from several areas in Macomb and Oakland Counties that are organized under their respective township/city and area codes.

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