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When anyone from Washington Township is asked where they are from, a common response may be "Romeo". People who don't know of Washington Township often know of Romeo, Michigan. Johnson Heating and Cooling, LLC is located on Van Dyke in Washington Township. The men at Johnson Heating and Cooling, LLC have provided service to hundreds of customers in Romeo, Michigan. If you have not done business with us before, we would encourage you to check out our website and give us a call, and if you're a returning customer looking for our phone number, thank you for your business!

Some of our Local Customers that you may know:

Romeo Parks and Recreation

In 2013 Johnson Heating and Cooling, LLC was contracted by Johnson Thermol Temp, Inc to install a building automation system at Romeo Parks and Recreation for the purpose of controlling two HVAC units with the option to add additional equipment to the system at a later date. Johnson Heating and Cooling, LLC installed a top of the line web-server and created a 3-D building Graphics. They also programed and installed a 32" touch screen interface for the system and mounted it on the wall in the office. CLICK HERE to read more!