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Washington, Michigan 48094

Washington Township, Michigan is the home town of Johnson Heating and Cooling, LLC. Like most people in the USA, David Johnson (the owner of Johnson Heating and Cooling. LLC still lives within (the statistical range of) 15 miles from where he grew up. If you've lived in Washington Township, Michigan for more than a few years than you probably know the Johnson family. In 1985 the Johnson family moved from Fraser, Michigan to Washington Township, Michigan. In 1985, Washington, Michigan was a very small town and was almost entirely farm fields and wooded areas. David Johnson went to Romeo schools until 1994 when he continued his education in the Lutheran School System at St. Peter Macomb. In 1995 David Johnson attended Lutheran High school North in Macomb Township, Michigan. until his graduation in 1999.

Johnson Heating and Cooling. LLC is owned and operated by David Johnson Jr. and was established in 2004, however, the Johnson Family has been doing heating and cooling work in Washington, Michigan for two decades prior to the establishment of Johnson Heating and Cooling, LLC. David Johnson Jr's father owns his own heating and cooling company and has been in business since the early 80's. The men at Johnson Heating and Cooling, LLC have provided service to thousands of customers in Washington Township, Michigan. If you have not done business with us before, we would encourage you to check out our website and give us a call, and if you're a returning customer thank you for your business!

Some of our Local Customers that you may know:

Clyde Kruise

Clyde is a family friend. I guess he's not really a customer because we didn't charge him for our services, but he is still a good reference as to our work. Clyde called us to look at his furnace. We examined the heat exchanger and checked the manifold pressure on his furnace. After verifying that the furnace was safe to operate and that the gas valve / regulator was properly adjusted we talked to Clyde about his energy bills. Clyde could save money on his gas bills by upgrading his furnace to a higher effeminacy furnace, but after talking about the math behind replacing his furnace, we decided not to replace the furnace at that time.

Jam'rs Frozen Custard

David Johnson and his wife like to eat ice cream at Jam'rs Frozen Custard in downtown Washington, Michigan. Every time that he and his family would stop in at the local ice cream shop, David would notice that the building was very hot. David gave the owner a card, and David was called a few days later. David found all of the problems with the HVAC system and explained the problems to the owner and then provided him with a quote to make the necessary repairs. David fixed the problems and now the building is comfortable on the hottest summer days.

Romeo Ford

If your going to buy a new car, buy it from Romeo Ford! Romeo Ford is actually located in Washington Michigan. The owner of Romeo Ford was having some problems with his home's air conditioning system and some problems with the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment at his dealership, so we fixed the problems and now we service the HVAC equipment at his automotive dealership and at his home.

Romeo, Washington, Bruce (RWB) Parks and Recreation Building

In 2013 Johnson Heating and Cooling, LLC was contracted to install a building automation system (BAS) at the main Romeo, Washington, Bruce (RWB) Parks and Recreation building for the purpose of controlling two heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) units with the option to add additional equipment and functionality to the new building automation system at a later date. Johnson Heating and Cooling, LLC installed a top of the line Honeywell web-server and created a 3-D building Graphics. They also programed and installed a 32" touch screen interface for the building automation system and mounted it on the wall in the office, for the Purpose of allowing the staff easy access to the building automation system without having to log into a computer. CLICK HERE to read more!