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Industrial Process Boilers

Industrial Process Boiler Repair in Troy Michigan

As used by the State of Michigan, a "process boiler" is a boiler that produces hot water or steam which is to be used by a commercial or industrial process not including space heating. For example, a boiler that heats water or produces steam to be used in the process of coating or treating steel would be considered a process boiler. Process boilers have more stringent regulation than ordinary heating boilers because the State of Michigan deems process boilers to be more of a liability and to require more attention than heating boilers. Many process boilers are used for the purpose of conditioning chemicals, many of which are extremely toxic or explosive. The boiler makers at Johnson Heating and Cooling, LLC are very experienced with process boilers with a wide range of uses. We have built high pressure steam boilers (up to 200 PSI) and have torn apart and repaired low pressure boilers nearly the size of a semi-truck trailer.

From large to small, the men at Johnson Heating and Cooling, LLC have done it all. Some of our previous customers include companies like Form-Tek, the worlds largest supplier of transmission gears and a Tier-1 supplier to Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, Toyota, etc, and companies like Takata Industries, another Tier-1 supplier. If your process boiler is used to propel and dry extremely volatile chemicals, or simply used to control the temperature of fluids in a process, we have been there and done that.

We utilize several technologies and techniques not employed by much of our competition. Firstly, in addition to being highly skilled at boiler and mechanical work, our use of computers is unmatched by our competition. We use electronic forms produced by the owner of Johnson Heating and Cooling, LLC, David Johnson some 7 years ago. The electronic forms allow us to save data from year to year, easily e-mail our boiler reports, and save time when doing maintenance and repair work because we do not need to re-write our reports from year to year. Our work is neat, clean, and well respected by State and insurance company boiler inspectors. Because we can e-mail our reports directly to State of Michigan and insurance company boiler inspectors, often we are able to avoid additional expenses for our customers by eliminating things like "tear-downs" with the inspector present. Johnson Heating and Cooling, LLC also features services like on-site report writing, and the inclusion of pictures in our reports.

We do things differently than much of our competition. For example, when our company bought it's most recent combustion analyzer, we purchased it from a European vendor because the commercially available technology in Europe is years ahead of what is commercially available in the USA. The analyzer was shipped in from England, and has functioned extremely well, and has saved our customers quite a bit of money. We drive large trucks! Our philosophy is that in the long run larger trucks pay for themselves because we need to take less trips to pick up supplies. Our trucks hold five times more tools, materials, and parts than that of a full size service van, which is the industry standard. Organization is key at Johnson Heating and Cooling, LLC. We utilize a very organized server system to save our customers' information from year to year. We don't need to dig too deep to find the information that we need, exactly when we need it.

Through honesty, skill, experience, and a hard work ethic, Johnson Heating and Cooling, LLC is an excellent choice for your process boiler needs. To us it doesn't matter if you own or manage a large or small facility, we always give 100% while on the clock. Give us a call today and we would be happy to help you with your process boiler installation, process boiler maintenance, process boiler engineering, process boiler CSD-1's, and process boiler repair. If you live in the State of Michigan and need boiler repair, boiler installation, boiler service, or just a good boiler repair company, give us a call. We have two decades of experience working on boilers and hydronic heating systems, our rates are competitive, and we always treat our customers the way that we would like our families to be treated if they were in your shoes. If you would like to learn more about some of the work that we have done, and look into some of our references that are local to you, just navigate to our contact page and click on the link to your township or city. We have listed a few references from several areas in Macomb and Oakland Counties that are organized under their respective township/city and area codes.