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Steam Generators

Steam Generator Installation and Service Macomb Michigan

Steam boilers that are used to maintain humidity levels in a structure are pretty easy to understand and probably need very little explanation to most people. Humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air. When water is boiled the liquid water turns to vapor, and if the water vapor is directed into the air in a structure the humidity levels in the structure increase. While the concept of steam boilers used for humidification of the air in a structure is pretty simple, the design and maintenance of humidification systems requires great care and skill. A common problem with steam humidification systems is mineral deposit issues. Because water often consists of H2O and minerals, when the H2O leaves the heat exchanger as a vapor, the minerals do not. Over time mineral scaling occurs. A skilled and experienced boiler maker knows the most cost effective ways to treat mineral scaling, and how to design systems that are cost effective to install and maintain.

Because mineral scale is an insulator, if the boiler is gas fired, it's efficiency will go down with the addition of scale and will cause the cost of operation to go up. If the Steam boiler, which for this application is commonly called a steam generator, is electrically powered and the mineral deposits are not addressed, the unit will either draw too many amps, or draw too few amps. If the "steam generator" draws too many amps, it will either shut down on a safety overload or the system will become damaged. If a "steam generator" draws too few amps it has lost it's capacity to produce steam and may not sufficiently control the humidity levels in the building. What ever the case may be, boilers used for steam humidification require regularly scheduled maintenance by a qualified and experienced technician. The men at Johnson Heating and Cooling, LLC have both installed and serviced steam humidification systems for years and excel at providing cost-effective maintenance for those systems. Our experience with water chemical treatment also makes us especially talented at understanding the ins and outs of issues concerning water purity and the proper way to service steam humidification systems.

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