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CSD-1 Boiler Inspections in Michigan

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At Johnson Heating and Cooling, LLC, we don't say "CSD-1 boiler inspections", we say "CSD-1 boiler inspections, maintenance, repairs, testing, and reports" because performing a State of Michigan required CSD-1 inspection is all of the above. Many companies don't treat CSD-1 boiler inspections seriously and do hap-hazard work, while still billing their customers the same rates as if they had performed their work properly. We've seen this situation time and again, when we aquire new customers who have boilers that need to be inspected. When the State of MIchigan says the the boiler's low water cut off needs to be inspected and tested annually, but the technitions paperwork says that the boiler does not have a low water cut off, we know that the previous contractor has not performed their work properly. Our goal is to perform your CSD-1 properly, but to keep the cost's to our customers lowwer than if they hired any other contractor perform the CSD-1 work, and there are several ways in which we acomplish this goal.

Probobly the first and most obvious way in which we keep our costs very competative is that we are very hard working people. At Johnson Heating and Cooling, LLC, we have no tolarence for lazyness or slothful work. When we are "on the clock" we are "all business", and we work dilegently until the job is finished and the work order signed by the customer. When setting up our equipment and tools, we think about what we will need ten steps ahead, because our bodies are not only "on the clock", but our minds are too. We make a point to never go empty handed, and our work runs like clock-work. We are fast, though, and effecient because we have done so much boiler work that it's all "old hat" to us.

Like many professions, organization in boiler work is critical to reaching high levels of efficientcy, and when it comes to being organized, Johnson Heating and Cooling, LLC excels. Because our philosophy is to gain repeat customers by keeping our costs low, while performing exceptional workmanship, we have developed several business practices that give us the competative edge over our competition. Back in 2006, David Johnson (the owner of Johnson Heating and Cooling, LLC) created a program for quickly producing electronic CSD-1 boiler reports. The "staw that broke the camels back" was when David spent a day and a half hand writting CSD-1 reports for ten boilers. By the end of the report writting process, David's fingers where brussed and he decided that something needed to change, not only beause electronic forms would only take about ten minutes per report, per boiler to write, but also becuase David found the expense to his customer to be unacceptable, even though that customer was happy with our work and had not complained. David spent several days writting a program that would save reports from the prevous year, and those reports would be used as an editable templet for the next year. David did not charge any customer for producing the CSD-1 program. Today, Johnson Heating and Cooling, LLC still utalizes the program made by David in 2006. Every year the CSD-1 boiler reports for our customers are saved on a sophisticated filing system on our server. The Reports from previous years can be easily and quickly accessed, our customers don't need to pay us to hand write the paperwork asociated with the CSD-1, complete reports can be easily and quickly e-mailed to our customers, insurance companies, and inspectors, and best of all, our customers pay less and get more.

CSD1 Boiler Report in Oakland County Michigan
In addition to saving our customers money by reducing the time that it takes us to produce the paperwork required by the State of Michigan, we are also often able to save our customers even more money by dealing with State and insurance company inspectors, on their behalf. As Solomon says, "A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches, loving favor rather than silver and gold", and the men at Johnson Heating and Cooling, LLC are known to be skilled and talented boiler makers by boiler inspectors. Often, we are able to avoid costly boiler "tear-downs", with the inspector present, if we call the inspector and provide him with our very detailed boiler report, which includes pictures. Typically, instead of having to spend an extra half a day on-site we are able to have a five minute telephone converstation and spend about two minutes e-mailing our report directly to the inspector. Relevent pictures taken during our work are included directly into our report.

Another way that Johnson Heating and Cooling, LLC saves our customers money is to be prepaired. Our trucks are very well equipt. We stock almost any part or material that is commonly used during a CSD-1 or boiler repair. We almost never run into a situation where we need to pick up materials to perform our work. Ocasionally we may need to pick up an uncommon part, but generally, we stock everything that we need to start and finish our work in one trip, including a computer and printer. We not only stock every commonly used part or material used durning boiler CSD-1's and boiler repair, but we often stock multiple identical parts and materials becuase we don't know what a day may bring, and we may use multiple identical parts or materials in the same week. We go the extra mile in an effort to provide quality and value. In 2011 we purchased a combustion analizer from Europe becuase it was not commercially available in North America, but that analizer is still the tool of choice even in 2013.

If you live in the State of Michigan and need boiler repair, boiler installation, boiler service, or just a good boiler repair company, give us a call. We have two decades of experience working on boilers and hydronic heating systems, our rates are competitive, and we always treat our customers the way that we would like our families to be treated if they were in your shoes. If you would like to learn more about some of the work that we have done, and look into some of our references that are local to you, just navigate to our contact page and click on the link to your township or city. We have listed a few references from several areas in Macomb and Oakland Counties that are organized under their respective township/city and area codes.